In this fun program, your child will learn to read. Your son or daughter will develop beginning reading skills and will be excited about learning to read. Your child will:

  • Learn beginning phonics

  • Learn easy sight words

  • Learn to read simple words and sentences

  • Develop a love of books and reading

This program is self-paced and includes exceptional online instruction, engaging materials, and great books. Your child will be able to complete the online lessons independently, and a reading teacher will be available to answer any questions you may have. The skills instruction builds step-by-step from letter recognition through sounding out words to reading, so your child will experience success at every step.

Watch a Video Introduction


Listening to wonderful picture books will get your child excited about reading.


Fun phonics instruction will help your child sound out words confidently.


Learning to recognize sight words will make learning to read much easier.

Summer 2019 Priority List

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